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Attempting a complete historical arc.
[Official releases, unissued sessions, Broadcast and Private recordings, and other media + all known play-dates.]


Marilyn Crispell

William Parker

Sam Rivers

Glenn Spearman
(Memorial / Homage)
David S.!

David S. Ware
Master Cecil!

Cecil Taylor Research Group
Cecil Taylor Sessionography

Discographies / Official releases only.

Marco! Marco Eneidi

Defining the category
"Deserving Wider Recognition"
Joe! Joe Morris

Updated October, 2012
Penck! The A.R. Penck LP Discography

A William Parker Sub-document.
Susie! Susie Ibarra

Updated November, 2009

Discographies / Official releases only.

INACTIVE! / Up-to-date through mid 2003, or thereabouts.

Matthew! Matthew
Reginald! Reginald
Mat! Mat
Sylvie! Sylvie Courvoisier

Henry Threadgill / OFF-SITE, Adopted by Lars Backstrom, 06.09.18.

"I want to point out the wonderful discographies that Rick Lopez has produced... —treasure troves of information, some of the finest scholarship available on the internet today."
 —Tom Hull / Village Voice

"A sessionography is the most comprehensive listing of all, trying to document all known sessions, recorded or not, of the artist. Rick Lopez has the most exciting examples of sessionographies that I'm aware of currently on the Web."
 —Joe Moudry / Saturn Web

The Marilyn Crispell Sessionography was excerpted and linked on Evan Parker's High Tide, a multimedia adaptation of BBC Radio 3's "Jazz on 3" released on CD-ROM by the BBC London, and included with Issue #200 of The WIRE Magazine.

An essay concerning research involved in the Sam Rivers Sessionography was published in a book about one of the premier jazz venues in Europe, BimHUIS 25: Stories of Twenty-Five Years..., edited by Kevin Whitehead.

The discographies and sessionographies have been referenced in the new revised edition of the Grove Dictionary of Jazz.

Links, notations, mentions, and references to these documents have appeared on recently released recordings, and in print articles in The WIRE (UK), Coda (Canada), Signal to Noise and many other publications.

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The Personal...

• Recent Noise •

Vortex 1
A Vivid Memoir of the landmark concert by Sam Rivers, Dave Holland,
and Barry Altschul at Columbia University's Miller Theatre on May 25th, 2007.

Who do I think I am, anyway? The Resumé

(I had great fun as a college freshman at age 52...)
Six Credits for One five-page English Comp. paper at University-Mart. February '06
A baffling Intro to Psych presentation. October '06

ANGER. The only "blog" posting I've ever done. (off-site) December 3, 2004

The Rick Lopez Eventography [May 3, 1953-Present]

A relatively complete listing of my involvement in the arts.

Music — Theatre — Prose

Publishing — Performance — Productions

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• Past Noise •

NOT baseball!
Baseball & the 10,000 Things [1994-95]

Hardly about baseball at all. Mostly a state-of-mind document, of which it has been said:
"Superb." "Eclectic and brilliant..."
"...a deconstructionist wet dream."
"Just the coolest goddamn thing I've seen in a long, long time."

LUCILLE, A Reverential Journal of the Care of the Beloved Hag [1999-2001]

An over-the-edge accounting of my life spanning January 2000 through June of 2001.
My Grandmother dying here with us.

Samuel Beckett Eulogy [1990]

aaahhh... Sammy. He lives on in all the corners of my head.


A tragedy in an indeterminate number of acts. A true story. You may as well read it.

An Interview [2000]

with The Game of Twenty-and-Then-Some-Questions revealed.

Time Stops photos, Art Becker / text, Rick Lopez [1998]

"...Snaps the game to life in a grand, visceral, sense-evoking way..."
A horsehide and lumber symphony of prose dedicated to the beauty of the game."
"...Readers [will] recall its poetry, punch, and photos long after they put it down..."

The Art of the Baseball Card [1994]

A snappy little illustrated essay written for an Erie Art Museum exhibit in the Summer of '94.


HARD BOIL [1985]
" real as a blood-drained face and a drop of blood trickling down the ear..."
"...short zappy bits of prose that leave lingering nightmares..."
The megaviolence part of the show...
Not for the faint of heart.

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