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I tape games. A friend once said "You sit at home all day and watch games on tape, I know you." But in fact he was mistaken. I've about 80 game tapes so far, and I've watched one, at the request of another friend. That's what they're for. History, documentation, the caretaker caretaking... [And someday twenty years down the line someone says remember Sammy Sosa? and I say of course remember opening day 1991 when he went three-for-four with two home-runs and five runs-batted-in and disassembled the Baltimore Orioles at old Memorial Stadium with Black Jack McDowell throwing flame off the hill? You don't???? Wannaseeit?]

Dear Diary:

1/30/94 - 2:00 am—I wonder if anyone remembers Hudson Terraplane?

2/6/94 - 2:00 am—I wonder what the details are of the Yaphet Kotto / Judy Holliday connection?


"Artists are thieves. They take an influence from here, an idea from there, mix it up with the rest of what they took from everyone else's cupboard, and serve it up on plates they brought from home."

Now the reason this quote isn't credited is because it belongs to me, and the reason it has quotation marks around it is that I wrote it about four years ago and I don't want anyone to think for a moment that I'd plagiarize myself unknowingly. All borrowed images and quotes are credited, and inadvertently praised in their selection. It's all I can do. If that's not enough, say so, and I'll promise to never pay homage to you again.

Lift a Glass, say Thank You and Farewell to:

Joseph Cotten, 1905-94, walking through the doors of the Mercury Theatre.

Floyd Williams, Jr., Master Drummer, died 1/18/94, late of the Allegheny College faculty; late of the ensembles of Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, Carmen McRae, Ray Charles, and many, many others; late of the gentle power and subtle shadings.

Harry Frank Brooks, for at least making it, and surviving.

Telly Savalas, 1925-94, for Birdman of Alcatraz, Kelly's Heroes, The Dirty Dozen, and that pate.

The Terms:

Baseball—A silly game.

The 10,000 Things—As in: "the world and its 10,000 things," (Lao Tzu) its multitude of riches, its infinity of nourishments for our minds and hearts, you know-- The Whole Shebang.

  • BB10K was conceived as a single entity, which explains the consecutively numbered pages. Anything is liable to surface here. A few particulars will be intended for certain individuals, so don't be afraid of a little ambiguity. Life is full of it, after all. My little brain is just boiling with this thing, so I know as much as you do about where it's heading or what it will become.

  • I'm learning how to do this with Pagemaker 4.2 on a Mac IIsi. It gets easier as I go. Thank You for the access. Cheap copies on 60# bond. I used to get really carried away with stuff like this.

  • I welcome commentary, I may even print it.

"The gods send thread for the web begun."

—Leif Smith

All uncredited material © Rick Lopez 1994

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